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Arising is a small SME specialising in Security, Realtime, and Realtime GIS software.

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  • We hire developers and designers and are familiar with:
    • Linux: Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat, Centos and MS Windows.
    • Platforms: J2E, eclipse-rcp, web-servers etc
    • JavaScript: node-js, js
    • Databases: mariadb, oracle, PostgreSQL; plus ORdb, JPA, JDO
    • Systems Engineering: Communication and ICT Systems
    • Systems Integration: Open Source and Bespoke Software
    • services: LDAP, apache2, nginx, caddy, jetty, fail2ban, tripwire and others
    • Messaging: real-time XML/JSON, Middleware: amq, mqtt et al.
    • languages: C++, C, Java, js/node-js, FORTRAN, ADA, Pascal, PL1G, Perl, Python, XML/XSLT and HTML
    • Agile methdolodgies: SCRUM, Kanban
  • we specialise in Security Engineering:
    • Identity Management Systems,
    • Decision Authorisation Services,
    • Compartmentalisation,
    • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • we support GIS: IR-GIS, Kalman filter tracking, real-time GIS
  • we sponsor
    • rasberry: pi, pico and embedded computing
  • Reference clients

Arising Technology Systems Pty Limited,
ABN 32 079 817 342,
8 Hardy Pl, Kambah ACT 2902.
Phone 0417 312869
directors AT

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